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Orff Music and Music-making Workshops





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Participants explore and discover the elements of music through speech, song, movement and by playing percussion instruments. Building musicianship skills.

This program gives students fundamental musicianship skills that are needed to study a particular instrument such as piano, recorder or guitar. 


 Making music enhances: language and thinking skills, memory, focus and concentration, gross and fine motor development, social interaction, teamwork, self-confidence and self expression!


 Yes there is a Trampoline in the Music Studio!

And hoops, scarves and balls.  All used to develop and explore the connections of Time, Space and Energy.  Improving the development of basic musicianship skills - beat, memory in time, focus, concentration, phrasing, sequencing, intention and preparation.  Presenting with an internalized relationship between gross and fine motor skills, and important associations among gesture, articulation and rhythm.  Feeling, Moving and Seeing. 

"Experiencing and exploring music in the whole body provides a fun and fundamental ability needed in all musicians." Lisa M Jones

Our Orff Program provides opportunities for Students to build on skills from Toddler through pre-teen years.


Orff Music Schedule

Music for Preschoolers  Ages 3-5

Toddler with Caregiver  18-30 months

Music for Children Ages 8-12  

Music for Children Ages 4-7  


Payment is collected upon registration in order to secure a spot in a class. Parents will be notified of the term dates prior to the first lesson.  There are no make-up lessons for missed classes. 

Location Scarborough and the Kawarthas (Norland, Coboconk, Kinmount, Kirkfield, Minden)

SIBLINGS: Children who are NOT registered for the program are not permitted to attend without permission.

There are no lessons on Labour Day Monday, Thanksgiving Day Monday, Winter Break, Family Day Monday, Spring/March Break, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Victoria Day Monday.

To sign up contact lisa@lmjmusic.com Please include age of student and preferred lesson days and times.

What is Orff?

Orff Music for Children is an approach to music education conceived by the German composer Carl Orff (1895-1982).  It was developed in the 1920ís and 1930ís and was based on his belief that the easiest method of teaching music is to draw out the students inherent affinities for rhythm and melody and allow these to develop in natural ways.  Orff accomplishes this by means of a carefully planned program, beginning with speech patterns, rhythmic movement, and two-note tunes, then moving logically to pentatonic melody.  Improvisation is encouraged.  Major and minor melody are introduced later. Orff designed a special group of instruments from around the world including glockenspiels, metallophones, xylophones, drums and other percussion instruments.


The Orff approach to music education is holistic, experiential and process oriented.  Orff advocates "sound before symbol", experience preceding literacy and ultimately facilitating literacy. Participants are active, learning through doing, exploring and improvisation.  A sequential development of knowledge and skills encourages joyful participation, creativity, and personal musical growth.             

"An excellent start to music education before choosing a particular instrument to study!"

Music Programs on the go for all ages:

Lisa also offers music programs at Schools, Libraries, Community Centres, Long Term Care facilities, Centres for Adults with Special needs and Birthday Parties. 

Groups of up to 24 participants (Includes use of percussion instruments and finger puppets for group)

-Quarter day 1 group program(40-50 minute program time) Ranges from $125-$225

-Half day 2 separate groups, same location Ranges from $225-$425

-Full day 4 separate groups, same location Ranges from $450-$950

All prices include use of instruments, materials, travel time, set-up, take-down, planning and implementation. A 50 percent deposit is required to secure your program and preferred date(s).

To book a date and time contact lisa@lmjmusic.com




Children have the opportunity to participate in sharing music and performing for each other and parents in our Concert Events!


 As the children progress in Orff class the Soprano Recorder is introduced. 


The program has been in existence since 1993.  It is a fun learning environment and our teacher Lisa M. Jones will help share the gift of music among every child.